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4-H clubs are known for their unique and entertaining names. Whimsical wordplay and clever puns abound in the 4-H Club directory. When it comes time to choose a name for your new 4-H club, it can be a bit challenging to come up with something creative and original. When you are deciding on a name, remember that 4-H is committed to equal opportunities for all youth. Choose a name that is inclusive and will appeal to people of different ages, genders, and backgrounds. You also want to be sure to include 4-H in your club name so people recognize it as an official 4-H club.

Beyond the basics, think about the things that bring the people in your club together. Depending on the scope of your club, the interests it includes could be broad (Animal Science or Citizenship) or specific (Horses, Fitness, etc.) Whatever your focus, you can draw on it for inspiration. Another thing that brings groups together is geographic location. Think about the things that make your city, state, or region unique. For example, the North Pole Navigators could be a clever name for geospatial science club in Alaska but wouldn’t work as well in most other states. To help you find the perfect name for your club, we’ve compiled a list of 50 different fun and amusing 4-H Club names.

Beef/Dairy Cattle Clubs

  • Milking Maestros 4-H Dairy Club
  • Udderly Devoted 4-H Dairy Club
  • Living La Vida Livestock 4-H Livestock Club

Beekeeping Clubs

  • Stings and Things 4-H Beekeeping Club
  • Sweet Stingers 4-H Beekeeping Club

Cooking Clubs

  • The Palate Pleasers 4-H Cooking Club
  • The Culinary Wizards 4-H Cooking Club
  • Blissful Bakers 4-H Baking Club

Dog Clubs

  • Fido Fidelis 4-H Dog Club
  • Power of Pawsitivity 4-H Dog Club

Fitness Clubs

  • Give it a Tri 4-H Triathlon Club
  • Pedal Pushers 4-H Cycling Club
  • Pedal Powered 4-H Cycling Club
  • Fit 4 Every Body 4-H Fitness Club

Gardening Clubs

  • Seeding and Weeding 4-H Gardening Club
  • Dirt Diggers 4-H Gardening Club
  • Perky Planters 4-H Gardening Club
  • Weeding Warriors 4-H Gardening Club

Goat and Sheep Clubs

  • Baas and Billies 4-H Sheep and Goat Club
  • Shear Genius 4-H Sheep Club

Horse Clubs

  • Spurring to Success 4-H Horse Club
  • Mares Eat Oats 4-H Horse Club
  • Trails and Tails 4-H Horse Club
  • Mane Squeeze 4-H Horse Club
  • Whither the Withers 4-H Horse Club

Photography Clubs

  • Sharp-Focused Shutterbugs 4-H Photography Club
  • Frame and Focus 4-H Photography Club
  • Savvy Snappers 4-H Photography Club

Poultry Clubs

  • Winging It 4-H Poultry Club
  • Feathered Friends 4-H Poultry Club
  • Fowl Play 4-H Poultry Club

Public Speaking and Communication Clubs

  • Scintillating Speakers 4-H Public Speaking Club
  • Speak Up 4-H Public Speaking Club

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Clubs

  • Bunny Buddies 4-H Rabbit Club
  • Clever Cavies 4-H Guinea Pig Club
  • Hip Hoppers 4-H Rabbit Club

Robotics / Computer Science Clubs

  • Commendable Coders 4-H Computers Club
  • Nuts and Bolts 4-H Robotics Club
  • RoboTECH 4-H Robotics Club

Sewing Clubs

  • CloseKnitters 4-H Knitting Club
  • Darn it All 4-H Sewing Club
  • Stitch Niche 4-H Sewing Club

Shooting Clubs

  • Bows and Bullseyes 4-H Archery Club
  • Right on Target 4-H Shooting Club
  • Straight Shooters 4-H Shooting Club

Woodworking Clubs

  • The Clever Carvers 4-H Woodworking Club
  • Mighty Oaks 4-H Woodworking Club
  • Whittling Away 4-H Woodworking Club

Yoga Clubs

  • Blissful Benders 4-H Yoga Club
  • Pose Warriors 4-H Yoga Club

Although these names are created with single focus clubs in mind, there is no reason your club shouldn’t include a variety of interests. The creation of your club and club name will reflect your community and membership as well as the 4-H community as a whole. Hopefully, this list has inspired you to get creative and clever with your 4-H club name.

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