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Are you looking for your next favorite shirt? With so many custom t-shirt printing companies, it can be hard to decide where to take your business and who will deliver high quality apparel that arrives when you need it. To help, we’ve put together the top 20 best custom t-shirt printing companies in one place. To learn more about what makes each company great, along with their unique specialization and product offerings, read on. And, if you know of a custom t-shirt company that should be included in this list, please let us know.

1. Custom Ink

With Custom Ink, you’ll see familiar brand name clothing that you recognize and want to wear. Nike, American Apparel, Champion, The North Face, and Adidas are just a few of the brands offered.

Their prices average higher than other companies, but with that price comes a higher quality product. This company is the largest online retail custom t-shirt printer in the USA. They self-identify as a custom t-shirt and promotional product company.

You will see an extensive variety in their catalog. Some of their product offerings include hoodies, jerseys, activewear, office supplies, and mugs.

Known for their friendly customer service, Custom Ink offers 24-hour customer support through phone, online chat and email.

Use their Design Lab, an easy online design tool where you can create completely custom designs or work from a variety of templates. Whether you upload your own logo or art, or use something from their library of options, your custom design will come to life here.

Standard turnaround time: Approximately 2 weeks

Shipping & Delivery: Free

Find them here: http://www.customink.com

Custom Ink 1 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing Companies

2. Etsy

Etsy is a virtual marketplace for independent sellers to match with buyers seeking all types of products – like t-shirts, art, wedding décor, home goods and more.

While you’re not likely to find the name brand clothing offered at a place like Custom Ink in an Etsy shop, you will see a wider variety of sellers and potentially lower prices, depending on what you’re looking for.

Some custom t-shirts are embroidered while others are screen-printed. Some t-shirts are already fully designed. You have less ability to customize with Etsy, as there is no Design Lab, like with Custom Ink and some of the others in this list. Individual sellers may be able to meet your requests for additional customization, so it is worth messaging with sellers to better understand their services and offerings.

Shopping with Etsy is a great way to shop small and local, as your money is going into the hands of independent shop owners when you use this online platform.

Standard turnaround time: Varies by seller

Shipping & Delivery: Terms vary by seller

Find them here: https://www.etsy.com

Etsy 2 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing Companies

3. Zazzle

Zazzle offers a huge variety of products for custom printing with no minimums. For T-shirts, you can choose from pre-designed items or create your own for babies, kids, men and women.

Zazzle is also known for custom stationary, business cards, pillows, blankets, art, candles, office supplies, accessories and more.

You can create custom designs using their art or templates as a starting point, or upload a completely unique design of your own.

Standard turnaround time: 8-10 days

Shipping & Delivery: Not free, but discount codes for free shipping are often given

Find them here: https://www.zazzle.com

Zazzle 3 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing Companies

4. Café Press

Café Press is known for their excellent quality, higher prices, and good-sized online catalog. Whether you need a t-shirt, home décor, drinkware or accessories, Café Press has you covered.

Similar to Etsy, Café Press hosts the designs of many independent designers, so if you choose a pre-designed option, you will support an individual creator through the small royalty they receive. You can also choose to fully customize your design and use their design tool if you’d like.

There is no minimum required, so if you just need one or two t-shirts, this is a good option for you. This is not the best place to order larger bulk orders.

This company prefers to support their customers via online website support rather than phone.

Standard turnaround time: 5-7 business days

Shipping & Delivery: Never free

Find them here: https://www.cafepress.com/

Cafe Press 4 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing Companies

5. Red Bubble

Red Bubble is a socially responsible, creator-focused design and print company. Comparable to Etsy and Café Press, it too directly pays the artist behind each creation. This is perfect for anyone wanting to support small business while simultaneously receiving robust customer service support and the high-quality product options of a larger, more-established business.

Want to see your favorite celebrity or cartoon character on a t-shirt? How about abstract art, unique graphics or a nature drawing? This is the place for you. You can find buttons, bags, stickers, wall art, kids and baby gear, phone cases and clothing.

This company is more focused on already designed and created pieces, as opposed to the customization of your own designs. Once you start exploring their deep library of designs by independent creators, you’ll understand why. And if you’re a creator yourself, you can sell your designs to Red Bubble.

Standard turnaround time: Varies by creator

Shipping & Delivery: Varies by order

Find them here: https://www.redbubble.com

Red Bubble 5 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing Companies

6. Design Crowd

Design Crowd stands out for its design methods and process. You get to select from a community of designers who draft design ideas from your design brief and then pitch you various options. After you select your favorite design, you get to make final edits with the designer in real time. This is a great company to use if your design is for a long-term project, a company, or a large event.

Compared to outsourcing with traditional creative agencies, you may see a significant cost reduction when using Design Crowd. The designer you work with is up to you, as there are over 625,000 designers whose portfolios you can review to ensure their aesthetic matches your goals. Another benefit of partnering with this company is the ability to set your own budget, starting as low as $99.

Standard turnaround time: You get to choose your own time frame for design delivery. Once the design is set, it takes between 9-11 business days to arrive.

Shipping & Delivery: Shipping costs are added to final order based on quantity

Find them here: https://www.designcrowd.com

Design Crowd 6 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing Companies

7. Underground Printing

Underground Printing is a great option for custom-printed shirts ordered in bulk or individually. They offer embroidery and more traditional screen printing on their wide selection of apparel and other product offerings. Find mugs, jerseys, polos, kid’s items and more. Underground Printing offers Collegiate Licensed Product.

With a simple interface, the site allows you to create your own designs. This is great for people purchasing shirts for an event, or someone who wants to start their own dropshipping business.

An added benefit of Underground Printing is their footprint of brick-and-mortar locations to complement their online storefront. Many of these locations can be found in college towns like Minneapolis, Lincoln, Madison, Iowa City, and Chapel Hill.

Standard turnaround time: The site claims to get you the order when you need it

Shipping & Delivery: Based on quantity size

Find them here: https://undergroundshirts.com

Underground Shirts 7 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing Companies

8. Rush Order Tees

Rush Order is perfect for the procrastinator or last-minute-need, as they specialize in rush orders, with their rush delivery option arriving to you within just 4 days.

Their online catalog is a good size and they’re known for their quality. They only use quality garments from American Apparel, Hanes, Gildan, and a few others. Whether you need a hat, uniform, jersey, bag, hoodie, or towel, Rush Order Tees has you covered. Your printing options include embroidery, screen printing, or a sublimation heat transfer method option.

Their online design tool must be used for order completion. You can upload your design or logo in their tool or use a template provided by the company to simplify your design process.

Standard turnaround time:  Guaranteed within 12 days

Shipping & Delivery: Free Shipping

Find them here: https://www.rushordertees.com

Rush Order Tees 8 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing Companies

9. Vista Print

Vista Print is a good choice for all sizes of custom orders. Whether you need something in bulk or a one-off, Vista Print can make your dreams a reality.

Vista Print is known for their paper product printing, but custom t-shirts are in their wheelhouse, too. You are required to use their online designer when placing orders, much like Custom Ink and Rush Order Tees.

This company offers a less robust design tool and options for custom t-shirts compared to the others on this list. However, they are a well-established printing company with over 20 years of experience and their stationary, cards, banners and promotional products are their bread and butter.

Standard turnaround time: 8 days

Shipping & Delivery: Varies

Find them here: https://www.vistaprint.com

Vistaprint 9 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing Companies

10. UberPrints

UberPrints is known for their friendly online design tool and robust catalog filled with high-quality items. Whether you decide to go totally custom or use their templates, UberPrints makes getting an online quote simple.

You can order polos, aprons, vests, kids gear, pet-wear, hats and more from UberPrints. Their customer service team is available 7 days a week.

For added trust, this company includes a Trustpilot review feed on their website so that you can read their nearly 9,000 reviews averaging a solid 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Standard turnaround time: 5-10 business days

Shipping & Delivery: Free for orders over $100, $5.99 minimum for orders under $100

Find them here: https://www.uberprints.com

Uberprints 10 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing

11. Design A Shirt

Design A Shirt is known for their “DAS Value” Tee. This is their own t-shirt and it will get you the most competitive pricing with this company. If you are opting out of the DAS Value T-Shirt option, a different company may be a better option for a less expensive order.

Comparable to sites like Custom Ink and Rush Order Tees, you are required to use the online design tool housed within this website. There are no order minimums on many of their products. Their catalog includes shirts of all varieties for kids, women and men, along with tote bags, towels, visors, and more.

Our favorite part about this website is its countdown tool for order placement. They make it simple to understand, based on your shipping method, exactly when your order will arrive.

Standard turnaround time: 10 days

Shipping & Delivery: Free or additional for expedited shipping

Find them here: https://www.designashirt.com

Designashirt 11 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing

12. ooShirts

ooShirts specializes in custom t-shirts for less. Their website claims that you can get high quality prints at 30% – 50% below retail price and they offer instant, all-inclusive pricing for their customers. This is a great option for both one-off orders or bulk orders due to the inexpensive nature of their offerings.

Their catalog is mostly shirts with some hoodies and sweatpants available as well.

Like IZA Design, ooShirts shows a helpful calendar on their homepage to help you understand exactly when you’ll get your shirt if your order is placed today.

Read 15,000+ reviews, shown on their website, to add to your peace of mind with your order.

Standard turnaround time: 2 weeks

Shipping & Delivery: Free for standard

Find them here: https://www.ooshirts.com

ooShirts 12 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing

13. Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt is known for their quality products and robust online catalog with over 100 unique products. These products include phone cases, hoodies, hats, baby clothes, bandanas and more. Spreadshirt is similar to Café Press, but Spreadshirt offers more customization in their design options. You can tweak an existing design by an artist or make something totally your own.

They’re tagline is “You think it, we print it.” And their specialty is more in one-off orders rather than bulk.

And if you are a creator, you can upload your designs to Spreadshirt and start earning money from your art today.

Standard turnaround time: Approximately 2 weeks

Shipping & Delivery: $5.99 Minimum

Find them here: https://www.spreadshirt.com

Spreadshirt 13 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing

14. Printful

Printful is known for the wide variety of products in their catalog along with no minimums or upfront costs. Whether you need a new custom swimsuit, hoodie, phone case, legging, throw pillow, stationary, or poster, Printful has you covered. Use their Design Maker tool to bring your creative vision to life.

Brands like Dunkin’, Coca-Cola, AMC and Comedy Central all work with Printful.

Printful also offers services beyond custom apparel design and printing. They offer custom packaging, videography and other marketing services, too. Printful even has an option for warehousing and fulfillment if you’re looking to store and sell your own products.

Standard turnaround time: 7-12 business days

Shipping & Delivery: $3.99 Minimum

Find them here: https://www.printful.com

Printful 14 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing

15. Big Frog

Big Frog is both an online shop and brick-and-mortar retailer that is all about celebrating life’s special moments with you. Similar to Underground Printing, with the wide retail footprint, you can find almost 100 Big Frog locations across the USA. Some cities where Big Frog is located include San Diego, Miami, Atlanta, Kansas City, Austin, and Tucson.

You can get a custom quote right from their website and purchase established brands like Champion, Adidas, American Apparel, Dickies, and Under Amour. All of the offerings at Big Frog are apparel and you have the option for embroidery, screen printing, vinyl application and more.

Big Frog stands by their product with over 40,000 customer reviews right on their website. These reviews average an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Standard turnaround time: Information not provided

Shipping & Delivery: Information not provided

Find them here: https://www.bigfrog.com

Big Frog 15 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing

16. Blue cotton

Blue Cotton has over 30 years of experience in custom t-shirt printing. Although their catalog variety isn’t as wide as some of the others on this list, they carry a variety of high-quality shirts, athletic apparel, outerwear, hats and bags for men and women alike.

Use their design studio for customization and their quick pricing tool to better understand if your order will fit inside your budget requirements.

Blue Cotton uses Trustpilot on their website, just like UberPrints and Create My Tee, to add a layer of trust when ordering. You can read almost 1000 reviews from verified buyers with a 4.5 out of 5 star average.

Blue Cotton makes it very simple to see when your products will arrive with their calendar and four shipping options listed right on their home page. All delivery dates are guaranteed, so you can have peace of mind when you order for an upcoming event with a hard deadline.

Standard turnaround time: 10 Days

Shipping & Delivery: Free

Find them here: https://www.bluecotton.com/

Blue Cotton 16 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing

17. Bonfire

Bonfire offers pre-designed apparel along with the option to fully customize or use a template from their library of options. They carry baby onesies, activewear, hats, toddler capes, water bottles, activewear, totes, sweatshirts and all types of shirts with no minimums and bulk discounts. Their design team will help ensure that everything you upload and choose for your design looks great before they print it.

Similar to Printful, Bonfire encourages its customers to be their own retailer. With Bonfire, you can set up a free online store and track your campaigns to sell more products. Creators who want to sell merch and grow their sales love working with Bonfire.

Standard turnaround time: Information not provided

Shipping & Delivery: Free Shipping on some items

Find them here: https://www.bonfire.com

Bonfire 17 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing

18. Allied Shirts

Allied Shirts is known for their custom t-shirts for local sports teams, family retreats and graduating classes. What people love most about Allied Shirts is their price matching guarantee. If you can find a better price online, they will match it. This is perfect for the budget-conscious customer.

You can design your apparel using their extensive library of templates, or create your own design from scratch. The designs can be placed on high-quality, known brands like American Apparel, Hanes and Gildan.

Unlike some of the other companies listed, Allied Shirts is apparel only.

For added peace of mind, you can read all of their verified buyer customer reviews on their website. This includes over 7,000 reviews with an average of 4.37 stars out of 5.

Standard turnaround time: Guaranteed within 10 business days

Shipping & Delivery: Free Shipping on full price orders

Find them here: https://www.alliedshirts.com

Allied Shirts 18 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing

19. IZA Design

IZA Design has specialized in custom school, club and team orders since 1987. They offer over 3,000 designs to help get your creativity flowing. If you’re looking for a customized shirt for a class reunion, basketball camp, student council, Spanish club, or anything in between, IZA Design is your best bet. You can select from a wide variety of windbreakers, jerseys, turtlenecks, button downs, tank tops, outerwear and items for the youth.

The quick pricing tool makes getting a quote incredibly simple and straightforward.

Similar to Design A Shirt, IZA Design also includes a helpful calendar view to show when you’ll receive either a rushed or standard order.

You’ll also notice the helpful customer reviews from real customers displayed on their website.

Standard turnaround time: 2 weeks

Shipping & Delivery: Free for Standard Shipping

Find us here: https://www.izadesign.com

IZA Design 19 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing

20. Create My Tee

Create My Tee, like many others on this list, will create a free professional design for you or allow you to create your own design from scratch or by using their templates. They also offer a free art review with every order. Some of the product brands they offer include American Apparel, Champion, Jerzees, Hanes and Gildan.

One of their specialties is custom shirts for road or event races. And like Underground Printing, Create My Tee offers Collegiate Licensed Product.

Utilizing Trustpilot on their website, just like UberPrints, and Blue Cotton, you can review their 825 customer reviews that average to 5 out of 5 stars. Currently Create My Tee has a 99.4% customer satisfaction rate, which is pretty impressive.

Standard turnaround time: 2 Weeks

Shipping & Delivery: Free Shipping

Find them here: https://www.createmytee.com

Create My Tee 20 of 20 Best T-Shirt Printing
20 Best Custom T-Shirt Printing Companies in 2021

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