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With Thanksgiving coming up this month, now is the time to begin preparing for the annual tradition that fuels your feast on Thanksgiving:  The Turkey Trot Race.  Taking part in a race like the Turkey Trot can help you make room for that second helping of pie or even just give you more energy to fight off the triptophan effect.

You don’t have to be a fast racer to participate in one of these events. You can even walk if you like. The point is to just be active, burn off some calories, and have fun before you sit down to celebrate the Thanksgiving tradition with your loved ones.

As these Thanksgiving Day races have grown in popularity, more and more people are running in teams of friends and family members, and are getting organized about these teams. In some communities, the event has a real competitive spirit! One way to set your Turkey Trot team apart from the competition is to develop a team name, and get shirts made for all members of the team. Turkey Trot names are often witty or punny, since the race itself can be kind of a goofy holiday tradition. These are our 20 picks for funny Turkey Trot team names for 2014.

Top 20 Funny Names for Your Turkey Trot Team

1.  Gobblin’ and Hobblin’
2.  The Butterballs
3.  Will Run 4 Pumpkin Spice Latte
4.  Brining Up the Road
5.  Stuffin’ Muffins
6.  Running Off Our Sweet Potato Pie
7.  Pilgrims’ Progress
8.  Fowl Players
9.  Lean, Mean, Green Bean Casserole Machine
10.  Can’t Stop This Gravy Train
11.  Flipping You The Bird
12.  Got Buns in Our Oven
13.  Drumstick Dashers
14.  Struttin’ Our Stuffing
15.  4 Angry Birds
16.  Powerful Thighs
17.  50 Shades of Gravy
18.  Gobble Till We Wobble
19.  Tripped-ophan
20.  The Galloped Potatoes

Settle on your team name early and publicize it on the race list, to get “first dibs” on the name for your particular race. Then have custom t-shirts screenprinted so that friends and family members who aren’t racing can cheer for you as you go by.

Here are 4 Turkey Trot Team Names as T-Shirt Designs.  Click on the designs below to customize for your team.  

Gobble Till We Wobble - Turkey Trot Team
4 Angry Birds Turkey Trot
Gobblin and Hobblin Turkey Trot
Struttin Our Stuffing Turkey Trot
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