27 Great 2018 Senior Class Slogans and Quotes

It’s never too early to plan an amazing 2018 graduation for your senior, and t-shirts make it memorable! Here are some of our favorite funny, corny, and sentimental sayings for senior grad-to-be’s:


1. “I’m Like 2018% Done!”


2. “You-Only-Leave-Once”


3. “I Graduated. Now I’m Like Smart and Stuff.”


4. “It Took 2018 Years to Get a Class This Great”


5. “Class of 2018: It’s Been Hard to Look Busy for 12 Years”


6. “Seniors Eat Freshman”


7. “The World Isn’t Ending, We’re Just Taking it Over”


8. “#YOLO #Swag #TurnUp #2018”


9. “See You 18er!”


10. “Don’t Cry Because It’s Over Smile Because It Happened”


11. “On a Scale of One to Ten…We’re an Eighteen!”


12. “Shoot for the Moon, Even if You Miss, You’ll Land Amongst the Stars”


13. “Senioritis – It is a Disease with Only One Cure: Graduation.”


14. “I’d Like to Thank Google, Wikipedia, and Copy & Paste”


15. “Straight Outta Here! Seniors 2018”


16. “Too Legit to Quit: Class of 2018”


17. “Graduation 2018: The Day I Realized I Just Spent 113,880 Hours of My Life to Receive a Piece of Paper and a Handshake!!!”


18. “Sweet Southern Senior! Class of 2018, Y’all”


19. “Sen18ors”


20. “Game Over: Class of 2018”


21. “Strangers We Entered, Friends We Became, Sisters We Remain”


22. “Respect Your Elders”


23. “Class of 201∞: The Limit Does Not Exist”


24. “Keep Calm It’s Our Last Year”


25. “It’s Been Fun But I’m Glad I’m Done!


26. “Not Just Four Years, It’s for Life”


27. “To Infinity and Beyond: Class of 2018”


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