27 Great 2018 Senior Class Slogans and Quotes

It’s never too early to plan an amazing 2018 graduation for your senior, and t-shirts make it memorable! Here are some of our favorite funny, corny, and sentimental sayings for senior grad-to-be’s:


1. “I’m Like 2018% Done!”


2. “You-Only-Leave-Once”


3. “I Graduated. Now I’m Like Smart and Stuff.”


4. “It Took 2018 Years to Get a Class This Great”


5. “Class of 2018: It’s Been Hard to Look Busy for 12 Years”


6. “Seniors Eat Freshman”


7. “The World Isn’t Ending, We’re Just Taking it Over”


8. “#YOLO #Swag #TurnUp #2018”


9. “See You 18er!”


10. “Don’t Cry Because It’s Over Smile Because It Happened”


11. “On a Scale of One to Ten…We’re an Eighteen!”


12. “Shoot for the Moon, Even if You Miss, You’ll Land Amongst the Stars”


13. “Senioritis – It is a Disease with Only One Cure: Graduation.”


14. “I’d Like to Thank Google, Wikipedia, and Copy & Paste”


15. “Straight Outta Here! Seniors 2018”


16. “Too Legit to Quit: Class of 2018”


17. “Graduation 2018: The Day I Realized I Just Spent 113,880 Hours of My Life to Receive a Piece of Paper and a Handshake!!!”


18. “Sweet Southern Senior! Class of 2018, Y’all”


19. “Sen18ors”


20. “Game Over: Class of 2018”


21. “Strangers We Entered, Friends We Became, Sisters We Remain”


22. “Respect Your Elders”


23. “Class of 201∞: The Limit Does Not Exist”


24. “Keep Calm It’s Our Last Year”


25. “It’s Been Fun But I’m Glad I’m Done!


26. “Not Just Four Years, It’s for Life”


27. “To Infinity and Beyond: Class of 2018”


Too awesome to pass, right? We’ll design these quotes for you and so much more.  Take a look at our Senior Class Shirt Designs.

25 Really Funny Running Quotes for Your Team

You’ve assembled your team. Your team members have registered for the race. Training is almost over.  There’s only thing left to do. Pick a quote for your cross country team t-shirts  that expresses what you want the world to know about you and your team of runners.

Want to trash talk? There’s a quote for you.  Want to tell the world how crazy you are?  There’s a quote for you.  Want to tell everyone how great women runners are? There’s a quote for you.

Here are 25 of the funniest running quotes you’ll ever “run” across.

Let’s start with the ones for women only.

  • “See Dick Run.  See Jane Run Faster.”
  • “Does this shirt make my butt look fast?”
  • “If you think running a marathon is hard, try giving birth.”

Now how about some quotes saying why we run.

  • “I thought they said rum.”
  • “Pain now … beer later.”
  • “Running … because dieting is not an option.”
  • “I run because I really like food.”
  • “One more mile and the cake is history.”

Runners are competitors. Here are a few quotes for those who like to “trash talk” on the course.

  • “My mascara runs faster than you do.”
  • Back of shirt: “Like my shirt?  After the race, I’ll let you read the front.”
  • Back of shirt: “If you want to come in second … follow me!”

Here a few more excellent quotes for the back of your team’s running shirts.

  • “It’s a hill. Get over it.”
  • “Don’t pass me … I’m not in your age group.”
  • “If you can read this, you just got passed by a FAT guy!”
  • “If you can read this, I’m not in last place.”

Finally, here are 10 more quotes that defy categorization.

  • “Slow runners make fast runners look good.  You’re welcome.”
  • “Live long and perspire.”
  • “Your pace or mine?”
  • “Why are all these people following me?”
  • “I found my happy pace.”
  • “You think I’m crazy because I run?  Trust me, you’d see crazy if I didn’t run!”
  • “Attention Spectators:  Yelling ‘You’re almost there!’ at 2 miles is NOT funny!”
  • “To run or not to run?  What a stupid question.
  • “I’m not slow, I’m just getting my money’s worth from the entry fee.”
  • “I hate running. My wife is making me do this.”

You may have seen some of these quotes at races and your favorite places to run.  That’s okay.  Remember – classic looks never go out of style.




25 Motivational 4-H Club Quotes and Sayings

Today’s kids are inundated with electronics and technologies that keep them distracted and stuck indoors. Spending the summer with a 4-H club has never been more important for rounding out the skills our youth are learning. Clubs who want to inspire and captivate members can look for a 4-H quote or slogan that captures the essence of their club’s goals.

25 Motivational 4-H Quotes and Sayings

  1. Move, Work and Learn With 4-H.
  2. Breaking Barriers to Build Bridges in the Community.
  3. Doing More Than You Ever Thought You Could
  4. Planting the Seeds for Greatness
  5. Growing Future Leaders
  6. Exhibiting Skills and Learning Self-Discipline
  7. Making the Best Even Better
  8. Stand Tall, Think Big, Smile Wide and Live 4-H.
  9. Learning Skills and Earning Ribbons
  10. There’s Always Work to be Done
  11. It’s Going to be Another 4-H Summer
  12. Choosing 4-H for Young Leadership, Citizenship and Life Skills
  13. We 4-H For-Now to Learn Skills For-Later.
  14. Summer is Only Really Summer When 4-H is in Full Swing
  15. Building Memories That Last a Lifetime With 4-H
  16. Focusing on the Inner Self and Community Needs
  17. Fair Season is the Best Season
  18. Camping Out in Pens and Crafting in the Off-Season
  19. Because Everyone Should Strive to be a Grand Champion
  20. 4-H: Growing a Stronger Community of Kids
  21. Defining Lives by What We Give
  22. Learning Skills and Making Friends to Last a Lifetime
  23. Kids Growing Into Vital Community Members
  24. Getting Back to Our Roots With a Focus on Crafts, Skills and Agriculture
  25. Keeping Summers About Fun, Friends and the Great Outdoors

Promoting and Organizing Your Club

As your team earns ribbons and work towards State Fair, feel the pride of building an excellent club that focuses more on value than entertainment. While you consider the long-term effect, remember many will only think about the current summer and wonder how they will most want to spend their free days. Slogans and quotes can be printed on everything from your 4-H club t-shirts to your club handouts.

Slogans and quotes aren’t just fun, they are a reminder of why you work so hard to learn new skills, slave over fair projects, sweat out hot days in the tent and wait to discover the results of judging. It is important to remind kids why they are there and help parents stay motivated to bring them back each summer. Team apparel and items will also help introduce friends and relatives of your members to the 4-H club, growing your base for future years to come.

Order custom 4H club shirts from IZA Design
Custom 4H club shirts with IZA Design


100 Years of 4H Clubs - View Infographic
100 Years of 4H Clubs – View Infographic

Go Out There and Do Amazing Things – Be A Hero

Often, we speak of heroes as if they are something out of a comic book or superhero movie. But did you know, that each and every one of you has the potential to be a hero right here, in your own community? My message to the senior class of 2015 is a simple but powerful one: Each of you has the potential to go out there and do amazing things, and be a hero to your community. I’m here to share some ideas of how you can do this.

What does it mean to be a hero? 
What does it mean to be a hero in your community? It might mean a lot of things.
Some heroes might give money to support nonprofits doing important work locally. Some might give time, volunteering to help the needy, save the environment, or grow the local economy. Others might lend their creative talents by writing, taking photographs, or speaking out at assemblies and events.

There are many ways you can be a hero. Some might resonate with you more than others. You don’t have to get up and give speeches…great news if you have a fear of public speaking.

You just have to be willing, and eager, to give what you can from your heart and show up for the people and causes that you care about.

Still want more suggestions of ways to be a hero? How about…

  • Volunteering to teach children or adults to read.
  • Practicing English language skills with community residents who are learning English as a second language.
  • Starting a garden in your community that donates food to your local food pantry, meals-on-wheels program, or soup kitchen. Or teaching disadvantaged individuals to grow their own food and become self sufficient.
  • Spending time in nursing homes keeping seniors company.
  • Organizing a food or clothing drive in your community.
  • Spending a weekend picking up trash from parks, playgrounds, or public areas in your community. Or starting an advocacy campaign to raise awareness of recycling laws in your community or get the community to place more trash and recycling bins in public places so that everyone can do their part to keep the area clean.

Now hopefully these ideas have sparked some interest and gotten you thinking about concrete ways that you can go out and do amazing things to directly support your community.

I just want to touch a bit on why this is important.

Giving back to your community isn’t just important because someone says it’s important. Its not just something you should do because maybe your school has a requirement about it, or your parents tell you that you need to do it.

Giving back to your community not only strengthens your community, it teaches you new skills, encourages a sense of civic responsibility, and makes you feel good when you see your hard work affecting the community.

Now that’s enough. Let’s all commit to go out there, and do amazing things!

Top 20 Funny Turkey Trot Team Names For Your 5k Race Shirts

With Thanksgiving coming up this month, now is the time to begin preparing for the annual tradition that fuels your feast on Thanksgiving:  The Turkey Trot Race.  Taking part in a race like the Turkey Trot can help you make room for that second helping of pie or even just give you more energy to fight off the triptophan effect.

You don’t have to be a fast racer to participate in one of these events. You can even walk if you like. The point is to just be active, burn off some calories, and have fun before you sit down to celebrate the Thanksgiving tradition with your loved ones.

As these Thanksgiving Day races have grown in popularity, more and more people are running in teams of friends and family members, and are getting organized about these teams. In some communities, the event has a real competitive spirit! One way to set your Turkey Trot team apart from the competition is to develop a team name, and get shirts made for all members of the team. Turkey Trot names are often witty or punny, since the race itself can be kind of a goofy holiday tradition. These are our 20 picks for funny Turkey Trot team names for 2014.


Top 20 Funny Names for Your Turkey Trot Team

1.  Gobblin’ and Hobblin’
2.  The Butterballs
3.  Will Run 4 Pumpkin Spice Latte
4.  Brining Up the Road
5.  Stuffin’ Muffins
6.  Running Off Our Sweet Potato Pie
7.  Pilgrims’ Progress
8.  Fowl Players
9.  Lean, Mean, Green Bean Casserole Machine
10.  Can’t Stop This Gravy Train
11.  Flipping You The Bird
12.  Got Buns in Our Oven
13.  Drumstick Dashers
14.  Struttin’ Our Stuffing
15.  4 Angry Birds
16.  Powerful Thighs
17.  50 Shades of Gravy
18.  Gobble Till We Wobble
19.  Tripped-ophan
20.  The Galloped Potatoes

Settle on your team name early and publicize it on the race list, to get “first dibs” on the name for your particular race. Then have custom t-shirts screenprinted so that friends and family members who aren’t racing can cheer for you as you go by.


Here are 4 Turkey Trot Team Names as T-Shirt Designs.  Click on the designs below to customize for your team.  


Gobble Till We Wobble - Turkey Trot Team

4 Angry Birds Turkey TrotGobblin and Hobblin Turkey TrotStruttin Our Stuffing Turkey Trot

Enchantment Under the Sea: 7 Reasons Why It’s The Perfect Theme For Homecoming

What’s up Doc? Are you ready to Boogie Woogie? Where are you gonna’ go to flip your lid and listen to some cool Daddy-O go 18-karat on his axe? The Enchantment Under the Sea dance, of course. When it comes to a homecoming spirit week theme for schools, Enchantment Under the Sea is the bee’s knees.

For those of you who may have forgotten, the Enchantment Under the Sea dance is a fictional dance from the film “Back to the Future.” The dance was held at Hill Valley High School in 1955 (hence all the Daddy-0 and bee’s knees business).  Here are 7 reasons why Enchantment Under the Sea is the perfect homecoming spirit week theme for schools?

1. Is there anything more fun than a 1950s-style dance? It gives all the teachers the chance to dust off their dance moves and do the Lindy Hop.

2. In “Back to the Future,” Hill Valley High School was trying to save the town’s beloved clock tower. While your school newspaper may not be printing headlines like “Save the Clock Tower,” chances are there’s something in your town or school that needs to be saved, fixed, or replaced. Spirit week is the perfect time for a community Lend-O-Hand day.

3. Marvin Berry and the Starlighters was the band at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance in “Back to the Future.” Shouldn’t high school spirit week host a Battle of the Bands?

4. Admission for the Enchantment Under the Sea dance in 1955 was $1.00. Why not have a day during spirit week when everything sold at the student store or snack bar has 1950s prices.

5. There was no iPhone, Facebook, or any other type of social media technology in 1955. What better way to illustrate the connectedness and camaraderie of high school spirit week than to host a Day without Technology?

6. Just like George McFly and Lorraine Barnes, some high school couple is sure to fall in love.  Why not have a 1950’s inspired Heart-O-Gram day.

7. “Be There or Be Square.” It’s the perfect slogan for a 1950s Slogan Shirt Day, so get creative.   See more Homecoming Shirt Ideas here.

And you never know. The special guest might be none other than Calvin Klein. No, that’s a joke. But if you haven’t seen “Back to the Future” in a while, you may want to dig around for those old VHS tapes. Go Daddy-0!

Check out these Enchantment Under the Sea Homecoming Shirt Designs.


Homecoming Sea Splash Dance

Enchantment HomecomingHomecoming Enchantment ShellEnchantment Sea HorseHomecoming Sea ThemeEnchantment Beats Under the Sea Enchantment RomanceTrident Sea DanceBe Square Dance

Homecoming Rock

Celebrate School Fall Festivals and Events with These Shirt Design Ideas

The days are shorter, the nights are crisp, and the kids head back to school. It must be fall. And let’s not forget all the beautiful autumn colors either, or the steady diet of pumpkin lattes you’ll be indulging in until Christmas time. Fall is also a time of outdoor festivals and events. From autumn craft fairs and fall foliage festivals to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta and Madison County Covered Bridge Festival, communities across the U.S. celebrate the arrival of fall with all sorts of special events -and chances are participants are enjoying themselves with a piping hot cup of cider in one hand and a cider donut in the other. However, amidst the leaf peeping and apple picking there are two events in the fall that stand above the rest: Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Oktoberfest

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual international health campaign to increase awareness of the disease and raise funds for research. High schools throughout the nation will be hosting fundraising events. Car washes, bake sales, silent auctions, walks, runs, and bike rides are just a few of the creative Pink Out fundraising events students have organized to increase awareness of the disease. These annual events help to educate young women about breast cancer, and at the same time they create a sense of responsibility, togetherness, and school unity. You can support the cause with one of our custom designed Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirts. If you’re participating in a walk or race, we can customize the shirt with a name, slogan, and date.


Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival held in Munich, Germany, but almost every town in America has a variation of the beloved Bavarian event. In other words, you don’t need to book a flight on Lufthansa to enjoy knockwurst, bratwurst, entertainment, and dancing. And let’s not forget those traditional German pretzels, either. While dirndl dresses and lederhosen are the traditional style of dress at Oktoberfest, you can show off your festival spirit with one of our customized Oktoberfest t-shirts. While you’ll probably never put on a pair of lederhosen again, you can enjoy an Oktoberfest t-shirt long after the schnitzel is gone and the dancing is over.

Makin’ H15TORY: Custom T-Shirt Phrases Celebrating the Class of 2015

What can we say about your last year in high school? To quote the great Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” That’s your senior year in a nutshell. From fall football games to prom in the spring, school life is gonna’ move pretty fast. But don’t worry because you can capture all the memories of your last year of high school with customized 2015 Senior Class T-shirts. Try these phrases on for size.

You WI5H You Could Be Like Us!

Hey, it’s your last year. There’s nothing wrong with chiding the underclassmen. They’ll be doing the same thing in a few years.

TH15 Is It!

It’s a short and simple phrase, but it celebrates everything you’ve been working towards for four years: Graduation. This T-shirt is all about finally tossing that cap in the air.

We R15E Above All

It’s motivational. It’s inspirational. It could be the chant that erupts in the bleachers when there’s a minute left on the clock and your high school football team is on the opponent’s 20-yard line. Or it could simply be the phrase that sums up everything that you’ve accomplished, through the good times and the bad, in four years of high school.

Makin’ H15tory

Yes, you certainly are, seniors. And you earned it. High School graduation is one of life’s historic milestones. With this custom designed T-shirt, you’ll never forget it. Even when “life is moving pretty fast.”

Making H15tory Class of 2015 Shirt Designs


W15H you could be LIKE US

TH15 IS IT SENIORSR15E Above SeniorsOur Class is Making H15tory

10 Famous Maya Angelou Quotes as Inspirational Shirt Designs

Poet, essayist, and one of the most renowned and influential voices of our time, Maya Angelou’s words have inspired millions of people. Maya Angelou is famous for her many life-affirming quotes. Each one expresses the beauty, joy, and strength it takes to overcome adversity and hardship and find one’s place in the world. Her quotes are inspiring and motivational, but more importantly: Maya Angelou’s words teach positive thinking and unity amongst people, which are life lessons for every setting, from the schoolyard to the family reunion.

Athletes often look to coaches to provide inspiration and motivation. Students look to teachers to provide them with guidance and leadership. But sometimes the best motivation comes from a world outside of sports, or even education. Let’s call it the power of “real world” wisdom. And Maya Angelou, more than any other modern poet, had that real world wisdom. To borrow and quote the title from her most famous autobiography, Maya Angelou knew “why the caged bird sings” -because like the power of the human spirit, it never gives up.

As school spirit shirt designs, Maya Angelou famous quotes will inspire motivation and positive thinking amongst students, school sports teams, and leadership clubs. A quote like, “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated” encourages strength and perseverance, while a phrase like “All great achievements require time” celebrates the importance of patience and the power of endurance.  These are the types of powerful messages that can change students’ lives, and make them “sing” forever.

10 Maya Angelou Inspirational Shirt Designs

Summer Camp Shirt Design Inspiration from Pop Culture

Summer Camp over the years hasn’t just been a place for young people to learn and grow away from home in a natural environment with kids from other schools, states and even countries; it’s also been a place movies and television have frequently drawn inspiration from for movies and television shows.

Pop culture has borrowed so much from the traditional overnight summer camp experience.  Dozens of movies and TV shows are set at summer camp.  One of the things that often stands out about these pop culture depictions are the T-shirts.

It makes sense too because anyone who has ever been to camp knows how proudly they wore their camp shirt and how much they looked forward to seeing what new shirt they would acquire (and inevitably tie dye at some point) each summer.

Here are some of our favorite summer camp shirt designs from pop culture.

Triple R Ranch – The Adventures of Spin and Marty
Triple R Ranch was the ranch camp from the mid-1950s Mickey Mouse Club series about the adventures of an unlikely pair at a boys’ western-style summer camp. The triangular logo with the camp name and the 3R in the middle reminds us of a classic car logo and communicates the kind of rugged confidence a summer at a ranch camp for boys was meant to instill. The classic logo shirt appeared more recently in the movie Toy Story 2, this time with a cattle head replacing the 3R in the middle. Andy wears the shirt in the beginning of the movie as he prepares to leave for camp.
Camp Inch – The Parent Trap
Camp T-shirts weren’t apparently considered appropriate for young ladies at girls camps in the ’60s so the separated-at-birth twins in The Parent Trap (both played by Hayley Mills) wore button up blouses with the Camp Inch logo, a leaf with the name in block lettering. Like so much about the 1961 movie, the simple logo has become iconic and simply communicates, whether on a T-shirt or a blouse, exactly what makes Camp Inch a special place of retreat in the North Carolina woods.
Camp Runamuck – Camp Runamuck
Sometimes black or white lettering with the right font on a solid color shirt is all you have to do to create a quality shirt. That was essentially the approach with the shirts for the mid-1960s NBC show Camp Runamuck. Plenty of camp shirts in pop culture have taken this approach (the cartoon Camp Candy simply had white shirts with big Cs in red letters, but the unique font is what makes this shirt special.
Camp North Star – Meatballs
When it comes to camp movies, Meatballs is usually held up as the gold standard because of its star power – Bill Murray before he was Bill Murray – and influence it has had on virtually every summer camp movie that has followed. The North Star Camp shirt, worn by Murray in the opening credits, is a white T-shirt, but the logo uses a simple icon of a star and merges it nicely with the stylized lettering of the camp name. It’s subtle and small but unforgettably timeless.
Camp Tomahawk – Little Darlings
The fact that a young Matt Dillon is wearing the shirt certainly adds some weight to it, but the Camp Tomahawk shirt from the 1980 movie Little Darlings makes good use of the popular summer camp font Pinewood (or perhaps some variation of it) with a bold icon of criss-crossing tomahawks. Add in the pack of cigarettes rolled into the sleeve and it’s hard for a shirt to look any edgier.
Camp Anawanna – Salute Your Shorts
The Camp Anawanna shirt was produced in multiple colors for the show and worked well in all of them. The fact that the camp shirt is the least embarrassing fashion on display in the mid-’90s TV show demonstrates how a simple design can, like quality summer camp programming, transcend time.
Kamp Kipperman – A Pig’s Tale
The opposite facing wood Ks in a shield do make for a cool design concept for the camp shirt in the movie, A Pig’s Tale. An update on the design would probably do something about that purple in the background but otherwise it’s a strong shirt worn here by a camper who never talks.
Camp Winnipesaukee – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Back when Jimmy Fallon was still on Late Night, he did a couple of hilarious sketches with Justin Timberlake set at the fictional Camp Winnipesaukee. In the sketches they sing “Toto” by Africa and “Only Wanna Be With You” by Hootie & the Blowfish while wearing curly wigs, braces and a camp ringer. Ringers are more costly, but they make for great camp shirts, especially with a strong circular logo with the camp name and a pine tree.
Camp Takota – Camp Takota
It’s hard not to like a shirt worn by three of the coolest YouTubers around – Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart in the move Camp Takota. A sweatshirt with the birds in front of a sunburst also makes an appearance in the movie but isn’t as memorable.
So if you’re trying to come up with a classic or memorable camp shirt design that your campers will wear with pride , we’ve got a collection of summer camp t-shirt designs that just might fit the bill.  And who knows, your camps shirts may just end up being your own fashion statement.