29 Tacky Christmas Sayings and Quotes for Your Holiday Shirts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! What holiday isn’t complete without a corny shirt that evokes just the right eye rolls and smiles from your friends’ faces? Not the same, right? So without further ado, we’ll introduce to you a few (okay, maybe more than that) of our favorite things in the world of tacky Christmas sayings for holiday shirts:

1. “It’s the Most Wonderful Time for a Beard”

2. “This is My Ugly Sweater”

3. “Let Me Take an #Elfie”

4. “Friends Don’t Give Friends Fruitcake”

5. “Grinchin’ Ain’t Easy”

6. “Merio Christmas”

7. “Don’t be a Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins”

8. “Elf You!”

9. “Straight Outta North Pole”

10. “Let’s Get Lit”

11. “It’s beginning to cost a lot Like Christmas”

12. “All I Want for Christmas is Food”

13. “Merry Elfin’ Christmas”

14. “Don’t Stop Believin’!”

15. “You Had Me at Ho”

16. “Snowtorious”

17. “Naughty or Nice? Let Me Think on that a Bit”

18. “What’s a Christmas Cram? I Want One”

19. “Merry Pawsmas”

20. “Meowy Christmas”

21. “Fleece Navidad”

22. “I’m the Reason Santa has a Naughty List!”

23. “Gangsta Wrapper”

24. “I’m Nice. He/She’s the Naughty One”

25. “It’s All Fun and Games ‘Til Santa Checks the Naughty List”

26. “Son of a Nutcracker!”

27. “Get Your Grinch on”

28. “I’m Only a Morning Person on December 25”

29. “All My Secret Santa Got Me is This Lousy Ugly Sweater Shirt”

Got a wonderfully tacky Christmas saying of your own? Submit it through our contact us page! You’ll be delighted to see how hard our little elf team works to make your holiday shirt ideas become a reality and sent in time before December 24th.

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