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Today’s kids are inundated with electronics and technologies that keep them distracted and stuck indoors. Spending the summer with a 4-H club has never been more important for rounding out the skills our youth are learning. Clubs who want to inspire and captivate members can look for a 4-H quote or slogan that captures the essence of their club’s goals.

25 Motivational 4-H Quotes and Sayings

  1. Move, Work and Learn With 4-H.
  2. Breaking Barriers to Build Bridges in the Community.
  3. Doing More Than You Ever Thought You Could
  4. Planting the Seeds for Greatness
  5. Growing Future Leaders
  6. Exhibiting Skills and Learning Self-Discipline
  7. Making the Best Even Better
  8. Stand Tall, Think Big, Smile Wide and Live 4-H.
  9. Learning Skills and Earning Ribbons
  10. There’s Always Work to be Done
  11. It’s Going to be Another 4-H Summer
  12. Choosing 4-H for Young Leadership, Citizenship and Life Skills
  13. We 4-H For-Now to Learn Skills For-Later.
  14. Summer is Only Really Summer When 4-H is in Full Swing
  15. Building Memories That Last a Lifetime With 4-H
  16. Focusing on the Inner Self and Community Needs
  17. Fair Season is the Best Season
  18. Camping Out in Pens and Crafting in the Off-Season
  19. Because Everyone Should Strive to be a Grand Champion
  20. 4-H: Growing a Stronger Community of Kids
  21. Defining Lives by What We Give
  22. Learning Skills and Making Friends to Last a Lifetime
  23. Kids Growing Into Vital Community Members
  24. Getting Back to Our Roots With a Focus on Crafts, Skills and Agriculture
  25. Keeping Summers About Fun, Friends and the Great Outdoors
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Promoting and Organizing Your Club

As your team earns ribbons and work towards State Fair, feel the pride of building an excellent club that focuses more on value than entertainment. While you consider the long-term effect, remember many will only think about the current summer and wonder how they will most want to spend their free days. Slogans and quotes can be printed on everything from your 4-H club t-shirts to your club handouts.

Slogans and quotes aren’t just fun, they are a reminder of why you work so hard to learn new skills, slave over fair projects, sweat out hot days in the tent and wait to discover the results of judging. It is important to remind kids why they are there and help parents stay motivated to bring them back each summer. Team apparel and items will also help introduce friends and relatives of your members to the 4-H club, growing your base for future years to come.

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100 Years of 4H Clubs - View Infographic
100 Years of 4H Clubs – View Infographic
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