25 Best Swimming Sayings and Slogans for Team Shirts

Swimming is one of the most popular recreational activities for kids and 41% of all American swimmers are ages 7-17. Aside from an excellent cardio-vascular workout, swimming is easy on the joints and reduces stress. Just like any other club or sports team, swim teams can be motivated by a catchy saying or motivational slogan.

Building a Team With a Strong Slogan

Swimming is hard work and most swim teams are hitting the pool early in the morning before school starts. Get the team motivated with a saying that will keep their eyes on the prize. A team slogan can be funny, serious or witty. Consider the athletes and what will get them motivated for the entire season.

Slap that slogan on team backpacks for their pool equipment or the backs of their swim team shirts and sweatshirts! A great slogan can be used to get your team motivated and ready to go. Teams use their logos, slogans and team names on everything from large banners at their home pools to hoodies they can wear anywhere. Team parents often join in on the competitive spirit when they can purchase bumper stickers and t-shirts with the team slogan.

Your team should carefully consider what you want to focus on, and then incorporate it in a snappy and clever saying that keeps the goal at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Many teams choose a slogan to keep for the year and may change their saying at the start of the next saying.

25 Swim Team Slogans

A great slogan will resonate with those who hear it. These 25 swimming slogans are designed around the sport and should be used to keep morale high:

  • We sweat chlorine.
  • Focus on 50 meters at a time.
  • Stretch for the finish
  • Swim hard, turn smart, push past.
  • One lane to rule them all.
  • Make waves and turn heads
  • Tears and sweat – it’s all the same in the pool.
  • Sharks of the pool
  • Instant athlete – just add water
  • Hard work beats lazy talent.
  • Train like you’re in last place
  • Seven days out of the pool makes one weak
  • Putting in work before the rest of the world is even awake.
  • Forget how good you are and focus on how bad you want it.
  • “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”
  • We wave the competition
  • Swim like there’s no tomorrow
  • Competitive juices should overcome excuses
  • Extraordinary swimmers have a little extra that the ordinary don’t have.
  • Talent makes good, practice makes great.
  • Pain fades, memories last.
  • Swim today for next week’s meet.
  • Kicking and clawing our way to the finish.
  • Practice with heart, swim intelligence and compete with courage
  • It’s not home unless it smells like chlorine.