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Cool and Funny Class of 2015 Quotes and Sayings

Without a doubt, graduating high school is a big deal. You’ve made it through freshman year, gained some wisdom as a sophomore, partied as a junior and enjoyed the status of a senior. It all adds up to some fun and cool experiences.  Commemorate and celebrate the special occasion with a funny or cool t-shirt. Here’s a list of some funny and cool sayings that are in for 2015 Senior Class T-Shirts.

Funny 2015 Senior Class T-Shirts

  • No, no. no.  That wasn’t a haughty laugh of disdain.  That was the supremely satisfied chuckle of a genuine, graduating Senior!
  • The rumors of my academic dismissal have been greatly exaggerated.  I’m graduating!  Class of 2015
  • Four Years of Hard Work and All I get is a Piece of Paper and Handshake? Class of 2015
  • If my pride swelled any more, I couldn’t fit into this shirt!
  • Darwin was right.  The strong survive.  Class of 2015
  • We’re the ones your mother warned you about.  Class of 2015
  • Graduate of 2015: Now What?
  • If I thought I’d make it this far, I would’ve paid more attention in first grade!
  • Trust Me I’m a senior
  • Inside this shirt is a living, breathing, SENIOR!
  • “I may be a senior, but so what! I’m still hot” ~ Betty White
  • Go ahead.  Stare.  I’m an upperclassman!
  • Graduation.  The day we trade routine for sunscreen.  Class of 2015
  • Smart and good-looking!  Ah, it’s good to be a Senior!
  • Ah, life is sweet at the top of the food-chain!
  • Can’t touch TH15!
  • Graduation.  The end of a 12 year depression.
  • Oh, it feels so-0-o good. Class of 2015
  • Look out, world.  AHS unleashes the class of 2015.
  • One day we went to kindergarten and they never let us out!  Class of 2015
  • If at first you don’t succeed, then you are not us.  Class of 2015
  • Yes, I am that proud.  Class of 2015
  • We’re on the books! (And off ‘em too!) Class of 2015
  • Make way, ye lowly underclassmen!  Here comes a Senior!
  • From zygote to Senior in just 18 years!  Now that’s progress!
  • Senior Class of 2015 are:  a) Stunningly smart b) Achingly sexy c) Fiercely proud  d) All of the above, of course!
  • It’s been hard to look busy for 12 years.  Class of 2015
  • Don’t blink.  I’m outta here!  Class of 2015
  • At the 10-year reunion, I plan to be:  a) Rich b) Famous c) Even better-looking! d) All of the above, Silly!
  • It’s been fun but glad I’m done.  Class of 2015
  • Caught you looking!  Class of 2015

Cool 2015 Senior Class T-Shirts

  • Attitude, Attitude and More Attitude: Class of 2015
  • 1492: Columbus discovers America.  1969:  Man walks on the moon.  2015:  America High graduates its best class ever!
  • Class of 2015: The Year Greatness was Born
  • The few.  The proud.  The Seniors!
  • Wow, I can feel your envy from here!  Class of 2015
  • The worlds not ending, we’re just taking over.  Class of 2015
  • I’m so looking forward to missing all this.  Class of 2015
  • Some have a story.  We have a legacy.  Class of 2015
  • Freshman fear us.  Sophomores bow down to us.  Juniors want to be us. 2015 Seniors
  • Class of 2015: Honor and Obey Thy Seniors and We’ll Let You Live
  • Class of 2015 Takes Over the World: Apocalypse Now
  • Mission Accomplished.  Class of 2015
  • 2015:  The year they broke the mold.
  • Yea, Baby! I’m a Senior!
  • Today, look at me.  Tomorrow, read about me!  Class of 2015 will change the world!
  • Class of 2015: You’re in the Presence of Greatness
  • Just Made H15tory! (other making H15tory shirt phrases)

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