10 Famous Maya Angelou Quotes as Inspirational Shirt Designs

Poet, essayist, and one of the most renowned and influential voices of our time, Maya Angelou’s words have inspired millions of people. Maya Angelou is famous for her many life-affirming quotes. Each one expresses the beauty, joy, and strength it takes to overcome adversity and hardship and find one’s place in the world. Her quotes are inspiring and motivational, but more importantly: Maya Angelou’s words teach positive thinking and unity amongst people, which are life lessons for every setting, from the schoolyard to the family reunion.

Athletes often look to coaches to provide inspiration and motivation. Students look to teachers to provide them with guidance and leadership. But sometimes the best motivation comes from a world outside of sports, or even education. Let’s call it the power of “real world” wisdom. And Maya Angelou, more than any other modern poet, had that real world wisdom. To borrow and quote the title from her most famous autobiography, Maya Angelou knew “why the caged bird sings” -because like the power of the human spirit, it never gives up.

As school spirit shirt designs, Maya Angelou famous quotes will inspire motivation and positive thinking amongst students, school sports teams, and leadership clubs. A quote like, “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated” encourages strength and perseverance, while a phrase like “All great achievements require time” celebrates the importance of patience and the power of endurance.  These are the types of powerful messages that can change students’ lives, and make them “sing” forever.

10 Maya Angelou Inspirational Shirt Designs