Cross Country Quotes and Slogans for Shirts

Cross country can be a grueling sport, but it shouldn’t be grueling to come up with an awesome quote for your cross country team shirts.  We’ve done all the work for you, and have searched high and low for the best cross country quotes and slogans out there.  Take a look at the following list and you’re sure to find one that screams “that’s us!”  Show it to your team, take a vote, add a cool graphic, and create an awesome shirt.  Show the world what you’re all about!

Slogans and Quotes

Running is a mental sport and we are all insane.

The hills are my friends.

Got Pride? Get Tough.

Run because you want to. Race because you need to.  Win because you can.

Motivation gets you started.  Desire keeps you going.

Victory is at the starting line.

Champions Train, Endure Pain, and Never Complain.

Champions are made in practice.

Cross Country is the only real sport, the rest are just games.

Cross Country…All it takes is All you’ve got.

Cross Country…It’s not how fast you run, but how long you run fast.

Cross Country…Finally a real use for golf courses.

Cross Country…Agony of Da Feet.

Cross Country…No time outs, no half times, no substitutions:  the only true sport.

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, until you lose.

Don’t worry about the map – just follow me.

In my mind, I am Kenyan.

Our workouts are longer than our shorts.

We’ve got a date with state, and we’re going to score.

Cross Country:  it’s more interesting than just running in circles.

Summer miles bring Autumn smiles.

Sweat plus sacrifice equals Success.

No one ever drowned in sweat.

Eat. Run. Sleep. Repeat.

May the course be with you.

Why are all these people following me?


If you don’t like our sport.  Find one with a bench in it.  Running is a mental sport and we’re all insane.  No half times.  No time-outs.  No breaks.  From start to finish… We run Cross Country.