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  • 25 Motivational 4-H Club Quotes and Sayings

    Today’s kids are inundated with electronics and technologies that keep them distracted and stuck indoors. Spending the summer with a 4-H club has never been more important for rounding out the skills our youth are…

  • Go Out There and Do Amazing Things – Be A Hero

    Often, we speak of heroes as if they are something out of a comic book or superhero movie. But did you know, that each and every one of you has the potential to be a…

  • 25 Inspirational Quotes for Graduates

    Graduation is a very big mark in a person’s life, but it is often filled with mixed emotions of fear and nostalgia. When your student is facing to leave behind his time of study, friends…

  • 25 Best Swimming Sayings and Slogans for Team Shirts

    Swimming is one of the most popular recreational activities for kids and 41% of all American swimmers are ages 7-17. Aside from an excellent cardio-vascular workout, swimming is easy on the joints and reduces stress….