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  • 25 Inspirational Quotes for Graduates

    Graduation is a very big mark in a person’s life, but it is often filled with mixed emotions of fear and nostalgia. When your student is facing to leave behind his time of study, friends…

  • 25 Best Swimming Sayings and Slogans for Team Shirts

    Swimming is one of the most popular recreational activities for kids and 41% of all American swimmers are ages 7-17. Aside from an excellent cardio-vascular workout, swimming is easy on the joints and reduces stress….

  • 25 Elementary School Mottos to Motivate Students

    A motto or mantra for a school can be used to remind both children and parents of their goals throughout the year. A good motto will provide a catchy phrase that sums up an idea…

  • Top 20 Funny Turkey Trot Team Names For Your 5k Race Shirts

    With Thanksgiving coming up this month, now is the time to begin preparing for the annual tradition that fuels your feast on Thanksgiving:  The Turkey Trot Race.  Taking part in a race like the Turkey…